In a tale as old as time, a love of music and drive for success brought together a group of musicians from all across the US to sunny Southern California. Triple Thread started with humble beginnings; bringing Kansas native, Andrew McCormick (guitar/vocals) to Orange County. With guitar in hand and an ad on Craigslist, Justin Schubel (drums/percussion) of Detroit, Michigan and Noah Caron (bass/vocals) of Rancho Cucamonga, California joined McCormick in the early days of Triple Thread’s SoCal dive bar residencies. As luck would have it, a beautiful day and a long boarding session brought Dan Westerlund (guitar/vocals) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to the stage where he dazzled the band with his collection of original songs and the vocalizations that lead the band today. The last puzzle piece was found when Wolfy Keeney (keyboard/vocals) of Orange County, California crossed paths with the band while sharing a stage and they quickly became friends. The addition of Wolfy completes the 5-piece band known to fans as Triple Thread.

Their early traction in the reggae rock genre, currently dominating Southern California’s music scene, was thwarted in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The band took this time to strengthen the sound of their music, hone their craft and explore the various influences from the diverse upbringing of each member respectively (Led Zeppelin, 311, RHCP, Passafire, Ballyhoo! to name a few).

The catchy melodies, subtle harmonies, deep rhythms, heavy grooves, and masterful guitar solos make up the powerful dichotomy of California beach vibes heard in their highly anticipated single “Tomorrow’s Sunburn” paired with their head banging heavy hitter “The Unknown.”

The band’s first full length album ‘Feels Like Home’ officially dropped on July 1st 2022 and is available on all platforms.  A west coast tour is currently in the works so stay tuned California, Oregon, and Washington!